Tom Driscoll offers a wide variety of professional learning workshops and keynote presentations. Each session is customized specifically to each school or event's audience.  Contact Tom for availability, logistics and any other questions you may have, he's ready to help! 

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Speaking Topics

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Leading Personalized Learning

Although personalized approaches to learning have gained considerable traction, there is still much confusion regarding what this complex set of ideas actually looks like in practice. In this workshop, join Tom Driscoll as he leads participants through an exploration of the key components of personalized learning, such as learner profiles, competency-based progressions, flexible pathways and student agency. They will also highlight specific steps and key leadership moves that you can take to refine a vision for personalized learning and put it into practice across your school or district.


Authentic, Real-World Experiences with Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students explore real-world problems and challenges over an extended period of time, acquiring deeper knowledge and expertise. Applicable across grade-levels and content areas, PBL has seen a resurgence in interest. Project Based Learning, paired with the ever-growing technology access available in many educational settings, offer educators unique possibilities in unit design. Intentional use of technology within the essential design elements of PBL provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of concepts, refine 21st Century Skills, and publish to a Public Audience. In this workshop, participants will learn the essential design elements of PBL, meaningful ways to integrate technology as an integral component in student engagement and motivation, and instructional strategies to support student learning. 

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Personalize Learning to Foster Student Agency, Voice & Choice

Successful personalized learning environments not only optimize instructional approaches to students needs and interests, but also emphasize student agency in which they take ownership of the learning.  To do this effectively, students must become co-designers of the learning environment in which they are provided with choice and autonomy regarding what, how, when and where they learn. Personalized learning done well also promotes social and emotional learning by amplifying student voice as learners actively engage and collaborate with educators, students, and outside networks throughout the learning process.  During this hands-on workshop, participants will explore these concepts along with specific examples of this in action across the nation. Participants will leave with practical strategies and resources that will help them implement these approaches in their educational settings.

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Sparking Student Inquiry and Empathy with Design Thinking

While we cannot predict what the future looks like, we do know that innovation and creativity are skills that our students will need. Design Thinking has emerged as a proven framework to support people in developing a creative problem-solving mindset. The Design Thinking process first asks individuals to engage in empathy and inquiry to seek out and define a problem. From there, the process encourages brainstorming, prototyping, iterating, and testing in order to produce possible solutions - whether it be a 3D printed product, a piece of creative writing, a multi-media project, a community service endeavor, or any other possibility. Throughout this workshop, we will take a hands-on approach to understanding Design Thinking and how we can use its principles to create learning environments that engage students, foster curiosity, and encourage a collaborative approach to solving problems.

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Future Ready Learning: Action Steps for School and District Leaders

Developing and implementing a Future Ready vision of teaching and learning requires a collaborative, strategic approach to innovation.  Tom will provide guidance and examples of actions steps that leaders can take to leverage technology in ways that personalize instruction and promote deeper learning for all students.  

Connected Leadership: Leveraging Social Media to Lead and Inspire

Social media is a powerful tool to personalize professional learning and articulate a school or district's vision of personalized teaching and learning.  Explore how innovative uses of social media can personalize professional learning,  enhance communications, and  amplify the impact of successes across a school community.      

Flipped Learning Workshop

Join Flipped Learning Global Ambassador Tom Driscoll for an interactive workshop where educators will actively and collaboratively develop flipped lessons they can use in their classroom.  After exploring Flipped Learning strategies for success, including a facilitated hands-on session with key edtech tools for flipping, teachers will work in small teams to create dynamic flipped lessons. Participants will not only leave with their own high quality lesson, but also the knowledge and skills needed to flip lessons in the future and help personalize learning for all students!  

G Suite for Education

As a Google For Education Certified Trainer, Tom can provide targeted and relevant training on all aspects of G Suite for Education for a school or district.  Sample topics include: Personalized Instruction with G Suite, Enhanced Assessments with G Suite, Creating Interactive Lessons with Hyperdocs, Amplify Student Voice with G Suite, & Blended Learning Implementation with Google Classroom.   

Games in Education Symposium (Troy, NY 2016)

Games in Education Symposium (Troy, NY 2016)

Level Up With Gamification & Game-Based Learning

Tap into the power of gamification and game-design principles to increase engagement and enhanced learning experiences.  Based upon both academic research (Professor Lee Sheldon of RPI and Joey Lee of Columbia University) as well as first hand experience in education settings, Tom will share strategies to effectively leverage game design concepts such as leveling, mastery-based progressions, real-time feedback, leaderboards, and compelling narratives.  Explore how you can leverage gamification and game-based design too!


Blended Learning: Models of Personalized Instruction

iPads in Education: Sparking Student Creativity and Innovation

Digital Learning Strategies to Amplify Student Voice & Make Thinking Visible

Raising Digital Citizens: Practical Strategies for Families and School Communities

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