Personalized Learning Resources By Topic


What is Personalized Learning?

 What is Personalized Learning & Why Personalize?  (USDOE Office of Educational Technology)

What Are You Talking About? The Need for Common Language around Personalized Learning (Richard Culatta)

Personalized Learning Framework (MAPLE - Massachusetts Personalized Learning Edtech Consortium)

Learning Framework for Personalized Learning  (LEAP Innovations)


Personalized Assessments, Feedback and Learner Profiles

 NETP - Assessment: Measuring for Learning

 You Need Data to Personalize Learning (Data Quality Campaign)

Getting to Know You: Learner Profiles for Personalization (EdWeek)  Google Doc Version

Learning Profile Grid (ReSchool Colorado)


Competency-Based Progressions & Personalized Pathways

What Is Competency Education? (iNACOL)

Competency Education and Personalized Learning (KnowledgeWorks)

Capacity Matrix (Lindsay High School, LUPS, California)  (Document Link Here)

Learn more about LUPS and their approach to personalized learning here.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Personalized Pathways - Curriculum Samples

Math Pathway Example / ELA Pathway Example

Learn more about CMS’s personalized learning work here:


Learner Agency, Voice & Choice

How Next Gen Learning Can Support Student Agency - Kristen Vogt (NGLC)

2018 - The Year of Agency, Take 2 - Beth Holland - EdTech Researcher (Education Week) 

The Power of Student Voice - Flipgrid

Self-Directed Learning Rubric (Evanston School District)


Learner Connections & Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

 Strategies for Being Learner Connected - (LEAP Innovations)

KM Global: Pedagogy, Curriculum, and Learning Design

The Power of Social + Emotional Learning


Blended Learning Approaches to Deepen Personalization

What Is Blended Learning? / Blended Learning Models  (Blended Learning Universe)

What is Blended Learning?  (Learning Accelerator)

What's the Difference Between Blended and Personalized Learning? (Julia Freeland Fisher)


Blended Learning Models in Action (Flipped Classroom, Station Rotation, Playlist)

The Flipped Class: Rethinking Space and Time (Edutopia)

High School Math in a 21st Century Classroom (Jason Appel)

Blended Learning with Catlin Tucker: Station Rotation (McGraw-Hill Education)

In Flipped Classroom: A Method for Mastery (New York Times)

Blended (R)evolution: How 5 teachers are modifying the Station Rotation to fit students’ needs (Christensen Institute)


Personalization & Deeper Learning

Deeper Learning Competencies (William Flora Hewlett Foundation)

Deep Learning Competencies (New Pedagogies for Deep Learning)

Deeper Learning Schools: 4 Big Shifts (Scott McLeod)

Explained in more depth in Different Schools for a Different World (Scott McLeod, Dean Sharenksi, Solution Tree Press 2018)

 Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning  ***Scroll down to view embedded video***

Iowa Big


Challenges of Personalized Learning

The Case(s) Against Personalized Learning  (EdWeek)  

Why I Left Silicon Valley, EdTech, and Personalized Learning (Paul Emerich)

Bursting the 'Personalization' Bubble: An Alternative Vision for Our Public Schools (Benjamin Riley - EdSurge)

The Personal Learning Wedge: The Edge is Sharp, the Back is Thick (Justin Reich)


Instructional Design & Scaling Personalized Learning